Customer Journey Management

What do customers think about your organization and your brand? Will they recommend you to others? Do your employees walk the talk?

In the experiential economy, what customers think and feel about your organization will have a bigger impact on your business and serve as the biggest differentiator between winning and losing. Every employee, every sales outlet and every single product is a part of the experience. This experience is the sum total of all the interactions a customer has with your brand and the cumulative impact on multiple touchpoints.

The ACE suite of Customer Intelligence platform provides tools that gather, track and analyze responses of your customers at retail touch points in real-time on the web, inside the retail store and on the mobile.

Through continuous real-time feedback, ACE empowers organizations to position right products, differentiate services, benchmark performances and spot emerging market trends. From understanding your customer to anticipating their needs, ACE engages your customer at every touch point.