Digital Banking

Digital disruption is shaking up the core of every business. The onslaught of social and mobile technologies has resulted in a sharp decline in customer visit. The current distribution model using a branch network is becoming unviable and is witnessing a major shift. Retail branches of the future will focus less on transaction oriented business and more toward digital banking that emphasize sales, service and consultancy.

Digital banking is all about delivering your products, services or value propositions in a completely new way. This requires Re-thinking, Re-imagining and Re-inventing the business systems from the ground up. We offer digital banking solutions that will help your retail branches achieve new levels of success. Learn more about digital branches today!

Digital @ Aurionpro

Our vision for tomorrow’s digital branch adds up to a re-invention of retail formats. Eventually, it would morph into 3 different models - regular branch, skinny branch and pocket branch. Retail branching will eventually move into a ‘Bricks + Clicks' distribution model resulting in reducing the number of branches and digitizing the branch inside out with a mobile-first perspective. Universal branches will replace traditional tellers and remote video advisory services would be the norm.

We can provide a multi-pronged strategy for digital banking that can help you achieve your digital transformation goals. With a clear bias for business outcomes and less on digital activities, Aurionpro can help transform your digital banking objectives into reality in the shortest possible time.

The cornerstone of our offerings is the ACE platform, a high performance low latency middleware that can help organizations deliver innovative digital experiences. It comprises of a series of plug-in modules and an array of customizable modules that help customers to market faster with stable, secure and feature-rich multi-channel applications that are easy to use and support your business objectives while providing revenue enhancing opportunities.