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Unleash a million experiences with Digital Signage Solutions

Experia is the next generation platform for managing digital signage networks. The Experia software suite offers an unprecedented flexibility and scalability for managing digital displays across the enterprise. It provides users complete flexibility in managing screen layouts and playlist schedules with 3DES encryption for media transfer.

Experia offers every retailer the opportunity to experience benefits of digital signage. It enables you to direct and focus message at the point of purchase and helps to draw and immerse users, resulting in greater consumer interactions and better brand recall. Experia digital signage displays helps you to persuade your customers with compelling videos and enthrall them with spellbinding animations, thereby inspiring customer loyalty and increase in revenue.


Data driven digital signage with data transmission in https or 3DES

Granular level control of media screens which can run individual playlists based on screen locations and time

Solid state player with MTBF of 7 years

Robust networked signage that supports HD videos with individual control for each zone

Supports single sign on

Bandwidth friendly

Compelling interfaces that support multiple layouts with feeds from multiples sources

Built-in security

Remote management that enables remote switch off and on of player from centralized location

An extensive monitoring tool that helps monitor media player with complete audit trail

Experia add ons

Integrate with iBeacon for proximity marketing

Gesture controlled signage

Interactive surface signage

The third largest private bank of India is using Experia to manage its digital signage network and deliver personalized customer experience


The third largest private sector retail bank headquartered in India, with a network of 2400 branches, was struggling to manage playlist schedules across their widespread network. The bank was keen to have a solution which had the capability to direct and focus marketing campaigns at the point of purchase. They needed a solution that would offer an unprecedented flexibility and scalability for managing digital displays across the enterprise. With Experia, the digital signage solution, the bank was able to deliver personalized customer experience by focusing messages at the point of purchase.