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Self- Service Kiosk -Service Without the Wait

Aurionpro leads the industry in design and installation of some of the most complex self-service kiosks and bill payment kiosks by integrating cutting edge PCB designs with superior engineering skills and mass manufacturing capabilities.

With more than 20,000 terminal installations for global customers across a wide range of industry verticals, Aurionpro is just the right size to handle your requirements. Aurionpro is large enough to manufacture close to 5000 terminals a year yet small enough to pay close attention to our customer’s individual expectations. Aurionpro has provided self-service kiosks to a wide variety of businesses in different industries, and each solution is customized to fit the customer's needs. Some of the kiosks include on-boarding, cash and cheque deposit, debit card issuance and bill payment kiosk.

Our team of system designers and engineers are adept at handling complex peripherals including biometric devices, cash and cheque automation systems and precision driven dispensing mechanisms, thereby truly fulfilling the promise of 24×7 services. We offer the broadest skill sets to handle our customer's unique requirements and offer the shortest turnaround times in the industry. We take pride in translating the imagination of our customers into self-service kiosks that provide unmatched reliability and an outstanding customer experience.

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User Experience

Create user experience with intuitive graphics and voice enabled instructions

ACE – High Performance Middleware

Deliver innovative self-service experiences without exposing the underlying complex host systems

Zero Touch Deployment

Eliminate the risk associated with improper configuration at the local site arising out of field engineer errors

Device Point

Reduce dependency on IT, increase system reliability and lower the total cost of operation and ownership with higher return on investment

Secure browser

Abstract the complexity of the device layer from the user interface while maintaining a secure communication channel with ACE components

Reporting and Dashboard

Extensive reporting includes auditing, performance and application related specific MIS reports

Experia Media Manager

Enhance revenue generating opportunities with advertisements and promotions played during kiosk idle times or through an auxiliary digital signage screen


Consider every aspect of the kiosk including physical, network and application security

Why Iserve

Design Excellence

Innovative Engineering

Right Size Manufacturing

ACE Self-Service Framework

Global Experience

Outstanding Reliability